precote® 85

precote® 85 – High Strength Vibration and Heat Resistance Threadlocker with Low CoF

precote® 85 is a high strength and high temperature resistant thread locking and sealing
coating designed to be used on all types of threaded fasteners.
precote® 85 features a very low coefficient of friction upon assembly providing excellent
controlled torque vs tension features. This exclusive turquoise colored precote® 85 can be
applied to either internal or external threaded fasteners.

Pre-applied fastener threadlocker, high-strength vibration resistant under
high-temperature applications with controlled torque vs. tension characteristics.

Temperature resistant from -58°F (-50°C) up to 390°F (200°C), its dual micro-encapsulated chemical threadlocker gives excellent vibration resistance under high-temperature applications. With very low coefficient of friction, this pre-applied fastener threadlocker also provides excellent Torque vs. Tension features.


During the assembly process the microcapsules are ruptured and the curing process begins. This exclusive turquoise colored Precote® 85 can be applied to either internal or external threaded fasteners. The pre-applied Precote 85 forms a tack-free dried film, non sticky and can be used in all kinds of assembly processes.

Also available with two additives:

  1. 3” , precote® 85-3 provides a fast curing time, accelerating the locking effectiveness.
  2. “- 8”, and precote® 85-8 is added for utilization with thread sizes M6 and smaller.

The following combinations are available:

  • precote® 85:
    Standard thread locker for threads > M6 or pitches > 1mm.
  • precote® 85-3:
    Accelerated curing for threads > M6 or pitches > 1mm. Yellow UV marker visible under UV light.
  • precote® 85-8:
    Standard thread locker for threads ≤ M6 or pitches ≤ 1mm. White UV marker visible under UV light.
  • precote® 85-3-8:
    Accelerated curing for threads ≤ M6 or pitches ≤ 1mm. White UV marker visible under UV light.

precote® 85 is the preferred fastener thread locking coating on critical assembly applications where controlled friction and locking ability are required even at high-temperatures (200° C). It can be applied to bolts, screws, nuts, studs and special threaded parts, as well as to straight and pipe thread plugs.

All versions of precote® 85 are high-strength thread locking coatings that retain their strength even at high-temperatures. They can be used on all types of external or internal threads.

Features and Characteristics
  • Low coefficient of friction (0.10 to 0.16)
  • Only fastener threadlocking coating with dual micro-encapsulation for longer-lasting performance and chemical bonding
  • Dual micro-encapsulation helps maintain the integrity of chemical components
  • Maintains locking and sealing properties when exposed to temperatures up to 200°C
  • High breakaway torque even after repetitive exposures to high and low temperatures
  • Complies and exceeds IFI 125 and 525, DIN 267 Part 27 and major automotive company specifications
  • Seals against pressures up to 400 bar (5760PSI)
  • No additional locking devices are required
  • Fasteners with pre-applied precote® 85, are ready for assembly
  • Increases productivity at assembly lines
  • Precise thread coverage every time
  • Can be applied on external or internal threaded fasteners
  • 4 years of shelf life under proper storage conditions
  • precote® 85 is not affected by high humidity conditions
  • Dry-to-touch, non-tacky finish
  • Non-toxic, physiologically harmless and assembler friendly
  • Temperature range: -58°F to 392°F or -50°C to 200°C
Technical Specifications
Chemical Type Acrylate
Color Turquoise
Thread friction μThread 0.10 – 0.15
Curing time* at RT
to exceed the values
according to DIN 267-27
precote® 85: 6h
precote® 85-8: 6h
precote® 85-3: 0.5h
Prevailing-in torque PIT on assembly* < 1.4 Nm
Strength without preload BAT* > 20 Nm
Strength with preload BLT* > 1.2 x MA
Prevailing-out torque POT
according to DIN 267-27
< 55 Nm
Temperature range
according to DIN 267-27
-60°C to +170°C
-75°F to +340°F
Temperature range
according to GMW 14657
-60°C to +200°C
-75°F to +390°F
Good chemical resistance: meets or exceeds the relevant automotive specifications and DIN 267-27  


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GM GM-6124M
GMW14657- A,B,C
Ford WSK-M2G354-A1
Chrysler MS-CC76- A,B,C
Caterpillar 1E-2486
American Axle MS-2365
Bendix BW-621-M
BMW DIN 267- P27
Bosch N38A SR 9.5
Daimler DBL 9460
Man 222
Porsche 1230
PSA B 141 235 E+LS
Volvo STD 416-0001

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