precote® Top 300

precote® Top 300 Thread Lubricant

precote® Top 300 Thread Lubricant is a film-forming synthetic wax pre-applied onto
threaded fasteners to reduce friction upon assembly. Designed for thread forming
fasteners such as Taptite and other Trilobular screws, precote® Top 300 has optimal friction
values upon assembly. precote® Top 300 can prevent galling, torque chattering and “cold
welding” upon installation and can be applied on all threaded materials
including plastics.


Designed for Thread Forming Fasteners, like Taptite or other Trilobular screws

Features and Characteristics
  • item one
  • Wax based coating
  • Prevents galling
  • High lubricity
  • Non-toxic/environmentally friendly
  • 4 years shelf life
  • Approved for major automotive specifications
Technical Specifications
Color opaque, clear or yellow
Temperature Range -700C to + 1200C
Thread friction value 0.06 – 0.15
Density 1.0
Solvent water


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