precote®; 200

precote® 200 – High Performance Sealing Solutions

precote® 200 is a resilient, under-the-head sealant which can be used to seal the mating
surfaces of screws and plugs eliminating the need for O-rings and gaskets. precote® 200
provides excellent adhesion to the mating surfaces and consistent sealing performance
immediately after assembly.


With its elastic coating properties, precote® 200 is a powerful sealing solution for rivets, inserts or headed plugs in automotive and other industries. Its isolation properties allow for application on plastic mating parts without causing stress cracks on most plastic materials. precote® 200 can eliminate part failures created by PVC sealant alternatives.

Features and Characteristics
  • Good adhesion properties
  • Under-the-head sealant which can be applied to virtually any headed fastener
  •  Eliminates the need for O-rings and gasket seals
  • Good resistance against water-based fluids
  • Re-useable at room temperature
  • Non-toxic/environmentally friendly
  • 4 years shelf life
  • Dry-to-touch, tack-free coating
  • Eliminates the need for O-rings and gasket seals
  • Reusable at room temperature
  • Good resistance against water-based fluids
  • Simple handling for easy assembly
  • Non-toxic, assembler-friendly
  • Can be used with plastic matting parts
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C)
Technical Specifications
Color Blue
Temperature Range -40C to +100C
Tensile Strength 1.49MPa
Hardness, Shore A 50-65



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