precote® 15

precote® 15 – High Temperature Sealant for Threaded Fasteners

precote® 15 provides immediate sealing for higher temperature assembly components
such as screws, studs, plugs, nuts and pipe threads. It seals against gases, petroleum
based products, brake fluid and other liquids. Its excellent adhesion properties are
ideal for sealing applications on brass, aluminum, copper and stainless-steel fasteners.


precote® 15 provides sealing for assembly components such as screws, studs, plugs and pipe threads – both cylindrical/cylindrical and cylindrical/conical parts. It seals against gases, petroleum basis products, glycol/water 50/50, tap water, brake fluids, both gasoline and diesel fuels and other liquids. In addition to being used as a sealing material for rivets, it can also be applied to under the head of screws or plugs with collars for under-head sealing.

It also provides low-strength locking for threaded fasteners during transportation with easy disassembly.

Features and Characteristics


  • No additional sealing devices needed on the threads
  • Replaces hand-applied tapes or gaskets
  • Reduces assembly time – cost savings in both material and labor
  • Precise thread coverage every time
  • Instantaneous high-pressure seal
  • Storage life: 4 years
  • Can be applied on external threaded fasteners
  • Dry-to-touch, non-tacky finish
  • Non-toxic, assembler friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Temperature range: -58°F to 320°F (-50°C to 160°C)
Technical Specifications
Chemical Type Acrylate
Color white / blue
Thread friction value 0.10 - 0.15
Initial installation torque* 2 - 5 Nm
Sealing properties
Threads cylindrical/cylindrical
Threads cylindrical/conical
< 15 bar
tested up to 50 bar
Maximum operation temperature in air -60°C to + 160°C
Good chemical resistance: tested according to all current automotive standards  
Shelf life 4 years at max. 30°C and max. 65% relative humidity  
For storage and transport conditions please see precote® USA  
*All values based to screws M10 ISO 4017-8.8 plain finish and nuts M10 ISO 4032-10 plain finish  


Product PDF

GM 9985490
Ford WX 201
ESE-M4G 208 A1 & A2
WSS M18P12-A
Renault 39.02.010
Saab-Scania STD-518447
Perkins Deisel PMS PI.04

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